Bail Bond Agent License Application: Individual

The following are requirements for an individual applying to become a bail bond agent:


The Department can deny a license for any cause listed in Arizona Revised Statutes ("ARS") § 20-295. You should review this statute before deciding to spend the time, effort and money (fees are nonrefundable) to apply for a license. If you apply for a license, you must truthfully and completely answer questions asked on the application, and you may need to provide additional documentation.


You must be at least 18 years old.


Submit Form L-152 (ARS § 41-1080) with one of the required forms of identification unless you reside outside Arizona and are licensed in good standing as an adjuster in your home state.


You generally must pass an Arizona insurance examination for the license authority you want to have if either:

  • Your primary residence or principal place of business is in Arizona; or, 
  • You relocate from a state where you did not hold the license that you want to have in Arizona (perhaps because the state did not issue that type of license).

However, you do not need to pass an Arizona insurance exam if

  • You are only applying for a limited-line credit insurance producer authority.
  • You are only adding variable life and variable annuity insurance producer authority to an existing insurance producer license for which you hold life insurance producer authority (but you must be licensed by the financial industry regulatory authority as a principal or a registered representative).
  • You are only applying for authority as a health insurance navigator or certified application counselor (but you must provide evidence of having required federal certification).
  • You are licensed in good standing in your home state for the license you want to have (as a nonresident) in Arizona.
  • You are relocating to Arizona from a state where you have a resident license in good standing, and you want to hold the same license in Arizona, and Arizona offers that same resident license authority, and we receive your license application within 90 days after you cancel your license in your former home state, and you submit a clearance letter from that former home state.
IMPORTANT! Arizona law limits you to four attempts to pass an exam for a particular line of authority within a one-year period. After a fourth unsuccessful attempt, you will have to wait one year from the date of the last attempt to retake the exam. Arizona law treats failing an examination that covers more than one line of license authority the same as failing the examination for each individual line of license authority. ARS §20-284(H).

Insurance license examinations are administered by Prometric.  Prometric's Internet web sites contain license candidate publications that describe Arizona insurance licensing requirements and that outline material covered on each of the examinations. The outlines show the percentage of the examination that will deal with particular topic areas.  Neither Prometric nor the Department of Insurance publish study materials. However, the Department has available a document available on this web page that lists some resources that you may want to use to help you to prepare for your exam. 

Schedule to take your examination at any Prometric test center throughout the U.S. in which insurance examinations are offered:

After you complete your exam, you will first see your exam score on the computer screen. Before you leave the test center, the test center staff will give you a printed score report showing your overall score and whether you passed or failed.  If you apply for your license on paper (rather than online), submit your score report with your license application. Keep a copy for your records. If you failed, you must retake the entire exam. You cannot just retake the sections of the exam on which you scored poorly. Focus your studies on the sections of the exam with the most questions and sections on which you performed poorly.

IMPORTANT! Once you pass an exam, you must apply for the corresponding license within one year.  ARS §20-284(A).


Important!   Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) § 20-340.01(B) prohibits the Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions from issuing a bail bond agent license until the Department receives the results of the criminal history check, which can take up to four months from the date the Department receives your fingerprint card.

Pursuant to ARS §§ 20-142(E)20-340.01(B) and 41-1750(G)(2), you must submit fingerprints to the Arizona Department of Insuranceand Financial Institutions, as follows:

Navigate to the Fieldprint and enter the appropriate fingerprint code (all codes are in bold).

  • Bail Bond and Bail Recovery Agent applicants - BRA-056.A
  • Navigator Applicants- NDI-053.A
  • Certified Application Counselor Applicants- DIC-054.A
  • All other insurance professional applicants - INS-055.A

After you register you will receive an email providing your registration number. 

Please contact DIFI Insurance Licensing at 602-364-4457 or [email protected] with any questions.

IMPORTANT!  The Department will refuse to accept a fingerprint card if the fingerprint card envelope appears to have been opened or if the Form L-FPV is not included in the envelope with the card.


Submit your license application: You can either apply online through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) or you can submit a paper application (NAIC uniform license application for an Individual).  NIPR online applications are generally processed more quickly than applications submitted on paper. 


Submit (with the surety’s power of attorney) and maintain throughout the term of the license a $10,000 surety bond using Form L-195.


YOU MUST PAY $142.00: 

The $142.00 total includes:

  • $120.00 non-refundable license fee
  • $22.00 to your fee payment for FBI fingerprint card processing.  The FBI fee is different from the fee you may be charged to have fingerprints applied to a fingerprint card.


We will review your application and you will receive one of the following:

  • A notice telling you that your application was approved.  Use License Search to view your license on our web site to ensure that your license information appears correctly.  Use the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) to correct or update information.
  • A notice telling you that your renewal application was denied.  The notice will tell you the reason for the denial and will provide you with instructions concerning your right to appeal the decision.
  • A notice telling you that your renewal application was deficient.  This notice will be emailed to you.  You must provide the Department with any additional materials identified in the deficiency notice or accompanying instructions.  You must cure all identified deficiencies or we may deny your license and you will forfeit the fees you paid.
NOTE:  We do not produce paper license certificates.  Licenses are accessible online through the LICENSE SEARCH option on our web site's main menu.


Your license will be available from the License Search option on this web site as soon as the Arizona Department of Insurance verifies you meet all license requirements.  You will not receive a printed license certificate. 

License applications can take up to one month to process.  You must not conduct insurance business until you are licensed.


Use this form for each name, other than your genuine legal name, that you intend to use in conjunction with your insurance business.  If you have established a business entity and want to use the name of the business entity in conjunction with your insurance transactions, the business entity must also hold an insurance license. 

Bail Bond Agent License Application: Individual



All insurance professionals (both residents and nonresidents) can apply for licenses, renew licenses, and update addresses and phone numbers online through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), at  

NIPR license and renewal applications are easy to complete, and we can usually process them faster than applications that are mailed to us. NIPR charges a small transaction fee (around $5 to $7) to process a license application and fee payment.  Many people have found that overall, the added convenience plus the time and postage savings are worth paying the fee. 

USE NIPR FOR FREE to change an address, e-mail address or phone number!