• We believe it is.  Auto theft is not just a property crime but rather a crime associated with many other crimes like drug running, human smuggling, burglaries, gang activity, and even terrorism.  Auto theft is a serious crime with serious consequence with effects that reach far beyond that of just a stolen vehicle. 

  • While we are not a law enforcement agency, we are a crime prevention agency!   We bring law enforcement, county prosecutors, insurance companies, and our communities together to collaborate on how we can best serve the public in deter auto theft! 

  • No, however, we are a law enforcement supporter!  Ninety-five percent (95%) of the AATA's budget is distributed to Law Enforcement and Prosecuting agencies around Arizona in the form of grants. The Arizona Department of Public Safety's Vehicle Theft Task Force, a task force comprised of local, county, state and federal law enforcement detectives throughout Arizona, is one of our largest grantees. 

  • No.  Our sole funding source is the $1.00 per policy assessment collected from each Arizona registered insured vehicle.  

  • Yes - Law Enforcement and Emergency Vehicles under 26,000 lbs are required to pay the assessment. 

  • The following vehicles are not part of the Automobile Theft Assessment

    Mopeds Snowmobiles Mobile Home Trailers
    Golf carts Dirt bikes  ATV's
    Motorscooters Farm Equipment UTV's 
    Motorbikes Trailers Dune buggies 
    Go carts    


  • Per ARS § 28-101 subsection 86 (a) and (b), “vehicle” is defined as: 

    (a) Means a device in, on or by which a person or property is or may be transported or drawn on a public highway.

    (b) Does not include:

    (i) Electric bicycles, electric miniature scooters, electric standup scooters and devices moved by human power.

    (ii) Devices used exclusively on stationary rails or tracks.

    (iii) Personal delivery devices.

    (iv) Scrap vehicles.

    (v) Personal mobile cargo carrying devices.

  • The Automobile Theft Authority receives its funding for each insured vehicle registered in Arizona. The fee is $.50 per policy every 6 months in accordance with ARS §41-3451 (J).

    All insurance companies are required to comply with this assessment but how and when they assess this fee is at their discretion. 

  • Yes. Public Entity Excess Retained Limits Liability Insurance. This large risk liability plan sets forth the methodology to be used in the design and pricing of Excess Retained Limits Liability insurance to eligible large public entity risks. The large risk liability plan provides excess liability limits coverage to large public entity insureds who have chosen to self-insure a portion of their liability loss exposures and all or a portion of defense costs.

    These coverages include:

    • General Liability
    • Automobile Liability
    • Law Enforcement Liability
    • Public Officials & Employment Practices Liability
    •  Educators Legal Liability & Employment Practices Liability
  •  The ATA assessment will be per vehicle regardless if the vehicle is replaced or not. In the end, you would collect .50 for the old vehicle and .50 for the new vehicle during that reporting period.

    Example: VIN 999 is the only vehicle on a policy written in Sep. That vehicle was replaced with VIN 8888 in Dec. The ATA would collect .50 on both vehicles for a total of 1.00, or would that just be .50 since it is only one vehicle.