File a Complaint - Financial Institutions
File a Complaint- Financial Institution or Enterprise
File a Complaint against a Financial Institution or Enterprise


Financial Institution or Enterprise include:

Advance Fee Loan Brokers Commercial Mortgage Brokers Escrow Agents Mortgage Brokers
Banks Consumer Lenders Loan Originators Premium Finance Companies
Collection Agencies Credit Unions Money Transmitters Sales Finance Companies
Commercial Mortgage Bankers Debt Management Companies Mortgage Bankers Trust Companies

Complaint Acknowledgement

By continuing to the Financial Institution or Enterprise complaint form, you ACKNOWLEDGE the following:

We Can...

  • Provide your complaint to your financial institution or enterprise and require them to respond to us.
  • Review the response for compliance with applicable Arizona Revised Statutes and the Arizona Administrative Code.
  • Require corrective action if we determine that the regulated entity did not meet the statutory regulations. 

We Cannot...

The DIFI’s ability to take action with respect to a particular complaint is limited to situations where there is an apparent violation of those statutes and rules subject to its jurisdiction. In such cases, the DIFI can pursue administrative remedies, injunctive relief through the office of the Attorney General or refer the matter for criminal prosecution. The DIFI cannot provide legal advice or representation, but represents the public by enforcing laws designed to protect the public from misleading or unlawful practices by state regulated financial institutions or enterprises. If you have questions concerning your personal legal rights or responsibilities, you should contact a private attorney.

To help us promptly respond to questions or complaints, please see if the individual or business is currently licensed with DIFI by using the License Search web page, and if so, include the license number and name of that individual or entity with your question or complaint.

The DIFI also investigates complaints filed against individuals or companies suspected of engaging in unlicensed activities. Persons conducting business without the proper license are of a great concern to the DIFI. If you suspect that you have been a victim of a financial institution or enterprise that does not have a license to conduct business in Arizona we encourage you to file a complaint.  

Instructions for filing a complaint: 

1) Look up the pertinent license information for whom you wish to file a complaint on. 

2) If your complaint requires the mailing of supporting documents, please include a copy of the submitted complaint form and mail to: 

Financial Services Consumer Service Section

Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions

100 N 15th Ave, STE 261, Phoenix AZ 85007-2630

or email the supporting documents along with a copy of the form to [email protected]

The Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions provides equal access to communication for people with disabilities. Individuals requiring accommodations with a disability should call the Department's ADA Coordinator at 602-364-3100. 

Look up the license for a financial institution or financial enterprise, and include their license number and full name when filing a complaint.

File a complaint if you believe we have jurisdiction in the matter.  We will conduct a preliminary review of your complaint to verify that DIFI has jurisdiction.  We will let you know if DIFI does not.  If DIFI has jurisdiction, we will ask the respondent (financial institution/enterprise) to respond to the complaint.  After receiving the response, DIFI will evaluate the complaint and response, will conduct any necessary research to substantiate information, may reach out to you for additional information if needed, and will determine if the respondent violated Arizona law, rules or standards of practice.  Unless you file your complaint anonymously, we will notify you when the case has been closed.  


Title Description
Arizona Attorney General - File a Consumer Complaint

Contact the Arizona Attorney General Consumer Protection Office to report identity theft; unwanted telemarketing, texts, or spam; and, various other types of business practices that are unfair to consumers.

  • Phoenix Metro Area: (602) 542-5763
  • In-state Toll-free: (800) 352-8431
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Complaint Assistant

Report identity theft; unwanted telemarketing, texts, or spam; and, various other types of business practices that are unfair to consumers

File a Complaint- Financial Institution or Enterprise