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What is the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA)?

The Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) is a state agency whose mission is to deter vehicle theft through a cooperative effort by supporting law enforcement activities, vertical prosecution, and public awareness/community education programs. Funded by the Insurance Industry by a mandatory $1 per year assessment on every vehicle insured in the State of Arizona, the AATA does NOT receive any funding from the State's General Fund.  The AATA serves as a unique example of a government/business/consumer partnership.

What does the AATA do?

The AATA is dedicated to combating auto theft with the help of our partners.   While our partners may have many different focuses due to the nature of their business, the AATA is only focused on auto theft and its many different facets.  We work with law enforcement and prosecution to provide grants for new equipment, people, and compensation for casework.  We work with insurance companies to hear about the trends and that are being reported to them. Lastly, we work with the public to educate and inform them about auto theft and the steps that can be taken to deter it from their neighborhoods, cities, and community.  


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