Jump-in Theft Prevention
Jump-in Theft Prevention
Jump-in Theft Prevention


What is Jump-in Vehicle Theft?

  • Jump-in vehicle theft occurs when a vehicle is left running and unattended and a thief “jumps-in” and steals the vehicle. This type of theft is a crime of opportunity. As vehicle security systems become more advanced, thieves look for situations where a vehicle is unlocked and the key or fob is left in the car.

How does Jump-in vehicle theft happen?

  • As a matter of convenience, drivers occasionally leave a vehicle running and unattended. This offers a car thief the opportunity to “jump-in” to the vehicle and drive off.

Where can Jump-in vehicle theft occur?

  • Common places for jump-in theft to occur include coffee shops, convenience stores, gas stations, daycare centers, parking lots, and even in front of the driver's home or apartment. Jump-ins can occur anywhere a quick stop can have you second-guessing the need to turn off a vehicle.

How Can You Prevent Jump-in Vehicle Theft?

  • Drivers should commit to turning off the vehicle, taking the keys, and locking the doors when leaving the vehicle.
  • When fueling up, remove the keys and keep them with you.
  • Arizona has many hot months - it may seem like a good idea to keep the car running to keep it cool, but an unattended, running car is an easy target for a thief hanging around a parking lot waiting for an opportunity.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings when exiting or entering your vehicle. If something doesn’t look right, make a plan to avoid the situation
  • There are many reasons not to leave kids or pets in a vehicle. Remember, if your vehicle is stolen, and your child or pet is in the vehicle, they are also stolen. Unfortunately, there are too many stories of kids and pets being inside a vehicle when it’s stolen.

Jump-in Theft Prevention