Captive Division
Captive Division

Captive Insurers are an important alternative to traditional insurance because they enable businesses to control and customize their insurance costs and coverages in a manner that is more responsive to their financial objectives.

Noteworthy attributes of forming a captive include:

  • Address availability and affordability issues
  • Customize insurance program
  • Reduce total cost of risk
  • Stabilize premium
  • Retain underwriting and investment income
  • Increase control over claims process
  • Access reinsurance market
  • Improve consolidated tax position

Since the inception of its Captive program in 2002, Arizona has become a leading captive insurance domicile in the US. The Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions offers a stable, responsive, cohesive team of insurance professionals who have the necessary expertise and experience to foster a competitive, sound, and market-responsive captive program. We know there are many choices when selecting a captive domicile and we are proud that so many captives have selected Arizona as their preferred state of domicile!

If you are interested in discussing the formation of a Captive insurer in Arizona, please call us!

Captive Program Information and Guidance

Captive Division FAQ's

Captive Division Facts and Statistics 

Captive Insurer (Non-RRG) Reference Guide 

Risk Retention Group (RRG) Captive Reference Guide


Captive Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

NAIC Guidance Regarding RRGs 

Preparing the Management Discussion and Analysis Report 

Financial Reporting - Domestic: Captive Insurer - News, Guidance, and Filing Forms for Captive Insurance. 


Captive Insurer License App

Captive Insurer Certificate of Authority Application - Use this form to apply for a domestic captive or captive risk retention group insurer license. 

NAIC Company Code Application 

Captive Insurer Reinsurance Structure 

Captive Insurer Protected Cell Supplemental Application


Other Forms and Guidance

Captive Insurer Biographical Affidavit

Captive Insurer conflict of Interest- Directors and Officers

Captive Insurer Irrevocable Letter of Credit for Capital- Sample Language

Amended Certificate of Authority- Line of Business Change 

Captive Management Firm Profile 

Captive Insurer Certificate Request Form 

Insurance Fee Schedule:  Fees are nonrefundable upon payment  ARS § 20-167(A)



Captive Division