Financial Reporting - Domestic: Captive Insurer

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3/22/2017:  The Captive Annual Filing Portal now accepts captive renewal fee payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or by ACH electronic check!  Please use the portal to pay your fee.  

2/29/2016:  Captive insurers must use Arizona's new secure, encrypted Captive Insurer Annual Filing Portal ("Portal"), available at, to upload all documents pertaining to the annual filing. 

NOTE: Domestic risk retention groups submit most filings directly to the NAIC but will use the Portal to file the signed Jurat page for the annual and quarterly blanks, the actuarial opinion summary, and the Certificate of Disclosure (Form E-178). 

Using the Portal is free, easy, secure, and eliminates the hassle of having to send information by mail on CDs/DVDs.

Contact the Captive Insurance Division at (602) 364-4490 if you have any questions about the Portal or filing requirements.

Financial Reporting - Domestic: Captive Insurer