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Property & Casualty

The Property & Casualty Guaranty Fund (APCIGF) provides a mechanism for limited payments of covered claims after a property and casualty insurance company insolvency. 

Property and casualty is the broad term for the insurance categories that protect you against loss from property damage and liability for claims against you resulting from the injuries and damage to other people or property.  

Examples of property and casualty insurance:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Special insurance for boats, motorcycles, RVs
  • Commercial or business property 
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL)
  • Professional Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation

Statutory Limits

Arizona law limits recovery on covered claims to the applicable policy limits or $300,000, whichever is less.  Each claim is subject to a $100 statutory deductible. For workers' compensation claims, there is no limit or deductible.

In addition, all other available insurance must be exhausted before APCIGF will become obligated to pay on any covered claim.  Any payments made by other insurance will reduce, dollar-for-dollar, the coverage available from APCIGF. 

Unearned Premium Claims.  APCIGF will consider claims for the amount of the policyholder's paid but unearned premium in excess of $25.00 up to a maximum of $10,000 per policy.  


Property & Casualty - Guaranty Funds