• If you have an existing claim at the time of insolvency, please contact APCIGF and reference your existing claim number.

  • To report a new claim, please contact the Receiver for the insolvent company to establish a new claim.  The Receiver will then refer your claim to the appropriate guaranty association. Claims are generally referred to the guaranty fund in the state where the policyholder resides.  


    To view a list of current Insolvent Insurance Companies 


  • Each claim is subject to review for potential coverage.  However, in many cases APCIGF will continue to provide protection by defending the lawsuit.  APCIGF may also negotiate a settlement on your behalf, subject to the limitations in the fund statutes and policy coverage. 

  • APCIGF is funded by assessments of member insurers following an insolvency and, if any, the recovered and liquidated assets of the insolvent companies 

  • Arizona law dictates that all other forms of insurance available must be exhausted before any claims may be considered by the APCIGF.  (See A.R.S. 20-673)

  • Arizona law dictates that coverage applies to the amount of a covered claim that is more than $100. For example, if your covered claim value is $500, APCIGF may be able to pay $400 of your $500 claim.