Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force
Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force
Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force

A critical role in the AATA’s mission is to support proactive, law enforcement activities throughout Arizona. Since 1997, the AATA has partnered with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, state, local, and county law enforcement agencies to fund the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force, which is the AATA’s largest annual grant recipient (60% of AATA’s Annual Budget).

The Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force (AVTTF) or “RATTLER” (Regional Auto Theft Team Law Enforcement Response) serves as a statewide resource for the investigation of property crimes involving vehicles and related components. The Task Force provides technical expertise, training and investigative support to law enforcement agencies targeting vehicle theft and related crimes.

The Task Force is comprised of state, county, and local law enforcement agencies and private company partners participating in a concerted effort to identify, apprehend, and prosecute individuals and criminal organizations that profit from the theft of motor vehicles and related crimes.

Fore more information about the Arizona Vehicle Task Force check out their page with the Arizona Department of Public Safety

AVTTF Stats July 2019 thru June 2020

Stolen Vehicles Recovered 



Stolen Vehicle Locates 477 $8,514,531.00
“Chop Shops” Investigated 10  
Altered/Switched VIN’s 47  
Felony Arrests 283  


Juveniles 6  
Insurance Fraud Cases 4  
Business Inspections 6  
Training Provided


Assists to Other Agencies 2689  

Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force