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Credit Union

Pursuant to Arizona Administrative Code R20-4-104, the Director has the discretion to accept alternative application forms, but it does not limit the Director's power to require additional information necessary to complete an application.

For credit unions, the applicant may submit a copy of the NCUA Forms that the applicant files with the National Credit Union Administration; plus any additional information that DIFI may require under State law.

Please refer to Arizona Revised Statutes §§6-501 through 6-595 and Arizona Administrative Code R20-4-401 for Arizona Law. 

DIFI is not authorized to give or offer legal advice. If you need help with a legal matter, you may want to consider contacting a private attorney.   Inquiries should be directed to Financial Institutions at [email protected]


National Credit Union Administration
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National Credit Union Administration
National Credit Union Administration
Forms & Fees

Application Fees and Forms for Credit Unions Arizona Revised Statues §6-126 et seq.

The following nonrefundable fees are payable to the department with the filing of the following applications: Fees Forms
To organize and establish a credit union, one hundred dollars. $100.00

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To establish each credit union branch or to move a credit union office to other than an established office of a credit union, two hundred fifty dollars $250.00

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Coming Soon

To acquire control of a financial institution, other than a consumer lender, five thousand dollars $5,000.00


To apply for approval to convert from a federal credit union to a state chartered credit union, five hundred dollars. $500.00

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To apply for approval to merge or consolidate two or more credit unions, five hundred dollars per credit union. $500.00

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To change the licensee name on a financial institution or enterprise license, two hundred fifty dollars. $250.00

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On issuance of a license or permit for financial institution or enterprise, the Director shall collect the first year's annual assessment or renewal fee for the financial institution or enterprise prorated according to the number of quarters remaining until the date of the next annual assessment or renewal. Based on assets


By-Law Amendments  

Bylaw Amendment Information

Proposed Bylaw Amendment form

Certification form 

FOM/SEG Membership Policy

FOM/SEG Membership form

Notice of Change in Official or Senior Executive Officer

Individual Application for Approval – Biographical

NCUA 4063

NCUA 4063A

Background Check  

Background Check

Laws, Rules, Substantive Policy Statement and Regulatory Alerts
Chapter 4     CREDIT UNIONS

Article 1 General Provisions
6-501 Definitions
6-502 Reports and examinations
6-503 Accounting and records
6-504 Advertising

Article 2 Formation of Credit Union
6-506 Organization procedure

Certificate of approval; filing with corporation commission; certificate of incorporation certificate of incorporation

6-508 Certificate of organization and bylaws
6-509 Exclusive use of name; exception
6-510 Principal place of business; branch office; automated teller machines
6-511 Out‑of‑state credit union
6-512 Fiscal year

Article 3 Powers of Credit Union
6-516 General powers
6-517 Federal parity

Article 4 Membership
6-521 Membership
6-522 Organization members
6-523 Membership applications
6-524 Termination of membership
6-525 Meetings of members
6-526 Calling of special meetings
6-527 Liability of members

Article 5 Direction of Affairs
6-531 Authority and responsibility of directors; voting
6-532 Election of board
6-533 Compensation of officials
6-534 Conflicts of interest
6-535 Officers
6-536 Executive committee
6-537 Certain duties of directors; insurance
6-538 Credit committee
6-539 Credit manager
6-540 Loan officers
6-541 Audits
6-542 Suspension and removal of officials
6-543 Action without meeting

Article 6 Accounts
6-551 Share accounts
6-552 Dividends
6-553 Deposit accounts
6-554 Withdrawals
6-555 Minors' accounts
6-556 Multiple party accounts
6-557 Liens
6-558 Member account insurance
6-559 Savings promotion accounts

Article 7 Loans
6-561 Purpose and conditions of loans; prepayment penalties
6-562 Interest rates and other charges
6-563 Other loan programs
6-564 Loans to officials

Article 8 Other Member Services
6-571 Insurance for members
6-572 Group purchasing
6-573 Money type instruments
6-574 Retirement accounts

Article 9 Investments
6-576 Investment authority
6-577 Authorized investments

Article 10 Reserves
6-581 Transfers to regular reserve
6-582 Use of regular reserve
6-583 Special reserves

Article 11 Dissolutions
6-584 Voluntary dissolution
6-585 Involuntary dissolution
6-586 Distribution of assets of liquidating credit union

Article 12 Change in Corporate Status
6-587 Merger or consolidation of credit unions
6-588 Conversion of credit union

Article 13 Corporate Credit Union
6-591 Organization
6-592 Purposes; membership
6-593 Powers of corporate credit union; federal parity
6-594 Participation in central system
6-595 Reserves

Arizona Administrative Code Title 20

Section Please use the following links for ALL Articles below -
R20-4-101 Scope of Article
R20-4-102 Definitions
R20-4-103 Fingerprints
R20-4-104 Acceptance of Other Forms
R20-4-105 Claims Against a Deposit in Place of Bond
R20-4-106 Bankruptcy
R20-4-107 Licensing Time-frames
Table A Licensing Time-frames

Section Please use the following links for ALL Articles below -
R20-4-401 Fidelity Bond Coverage
R20-4-402 Repealed

Substantive Policy Statements


Regulatory Alerts - N/A 


The Department utilizes the C.A.M.E.L. (Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, and Liquidity) rating system as a primary tool in the regulation of all state-chartered credit unions. This rating system examination format is used to maintain consistency with our federal counterpart the National Credit Union Association.

Proactive supervision and examinations ensure that DIFI maintains a credible, responsive and sound regulatory environment for all credit union depositors within the State of Arizona.

Call Reporting

For instructions on filing your quarterly call report and credit union profile, follow the link:

Encrypted Email

DIFI has adopted a new internet-based encryption e-mail system called Virtru. Virtru will keep your submissions confidential.  Click HERE for more information.

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