Motorcycle Theft Tips
Motorcycle Theft Tips

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Tips for motorcycle theft prevention:

Similar to vehicle theft prevention, a layered approach to protecting your motorcycle from theft is recommended. Below are a few common sense measures to help deter thieves from stealing your motorcycle:

  • When at home, always keep your motorcycle in a concealed garage or storage area
  • When possible, keep your motorcycle out of thieves' sight
  • Always use manufacturer anti-theft provisions, such as ignition fork locks
  • Consider using aftermarket theft prevention devices such as cable locks
  • By placing unique markings on your motorcycle and documenting them, if your bike is ever stolen, you can use these markings to identify your property.
  • Lock your bike even when stored in a garage. Investing in an alarm system can significantly deter potential thieves.
  • Keep your title secure. Don’t store it in your motorcycle’s storage compartment.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, call law enforcement and your insurer immediately. Data shows that reporting a vehicle as soon as possible after it’s stolen increases the chance of recovery. 

**Important** Do not attempt to follow your own vehicle.  Your personal safety should be your priority and will be the priority of any responding officer should you locate your vehicle before they do. Remember, vehicle thieves are criminals and criminals can be dangerous. 



Motorcycle Theft Tips