Bail Bond Agent Continuing Education


Arizona law does not require you to complete insurance continuing education.  

However, insurance professionals are expected to continually improve subject-matter knowledge in order to provide the best service to customers and to remain abreast of changes to Arizona law and evolving insurance products and industry standards. 

Bail Bond Agent Continuing Education



All insurance professionals (both residents and nonresidents) can apply for licenses, renew licenses, and update addresses and phone numbers online through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), at  

NIPR license and renewal applications are easy to complete, and we can usually process them faster than applications that are mailed to us. NIPR charges a small transaction fee (around $5 to $7) to process a license application and fee payment.  Many people have found that overall, the added convenience plus the time and postage savings are worth paying the fee. 

USE NIPR FOR FREE to change an address, e-mail address or phone number!