Third Party Administrator (Life/Health)


  • Before applying for or renewing a Life and Health Administrator (TPA) license, you must first make sure that information about the TPA on the Arizona Corporation Commission web site is up to date. If the application contains information that is different from information maintained by the Arizona Corporation Commission, the application will be rejected.
  • All applications must be completed on the computer.  The computer will check the application to help make sure it is complete.  Additionally, the form will tell you additional documents you must submit as part of your application based on entries you make in the form.  Do not print your application until you have entered all required information on it.
  • After printing the application, obtain signature(s) and scan the application forms to your computer or network.  
  • RENEWAL SEASON. When you enter an application into the online portal, the system will provide you a packet number that applies to the application.  Do not try to use a packet number from a previous submission.
  • Before using the Portal to submit your application, you should make sure you save all the documents you need to upload to one location on your computer or network.  Save a separate biographical affidavit document for each individual.  Do not save them all together as one document.  This will make it easier for you to upload all those documents through the Portal.  Double check the list of documents you've saved on your computer/network against the additional documents your application form says are required in order to ensure your application is complete when you submit it.  
  • Use the Third-party Administrator Registration Portal ( upload application documents, pay any required fee, and to submit your application to us instantaneously. There is no additional cost to use the Portal, and your documents will be transmitted to us in a secure, encrypted manner.  For an application requiring a fee, you must simultaneously submit your application and payment using the online portal; do not submit your application without a payment, and do not enter your payment without then submitting your application.

What Is a Life and Health Administrator (or TPA)?

life and health administrator, also know as a third-party administrator ("TPA") collects money or processes claims for residents of Arizona in connection with life or health insurance coverage.  Arizona Revised Statutes ("ARS") § 20-485 provides a full definition, including the types of entities that are not considered TPAs.

Who Must Be Licensed?

Before applying to register a TPA, review the exemptions from the registration requirements, review the entities listed in ARS § 20-485(A)(1), which are listed on the first page of Form E-100: Application for Life and Health Administrator Registration, to determine whether you are excluded from TPA registration requirements. 

  • If you are adjusting property and casualty claims, you need to be licensed as an adjuster (click here for requirements).
  • If you are administering workers compensation claims, contact the Industrial Commission of Arizona.
  • If you are a motor vehicle service contract administrator, Arizona does not have a licensing/registration requirement; however, you or the insurer must file motor vehicle service contracts with the Department and you or the insurer must post a surety bond with the Department's Financial Affairs Division. ARS § 20-1095.06
  • Arizona does not have jurisdiction (and no license is required) if you are only administering ERISA plans (a self-insured program operated by a single employer for the benefit of its employees or the employees of a wholly-owned subsidiary).

Arizona law does not distinguish between TPAs that are organized within Arizona from TPAs organized in other states.  The entity must be formed or registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission ( and registered with the Arizona Department of Insurance unless exempt from registration requirements. 

Third Party Administrator (Life/Health)