SERFF Filing Access (SFA)


SFA (accessible using the button at the bottom of this page) is a web site that allows the general public to view form, rate, rule, and health plan binder filings that insurance companies submitted to the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions (DIFI) in an electronic format, through the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing ("SERFF"). 

  • Rate filings contain the rates that insurers use to calculate the insurance premiums charged to customers. 
  • Form filings contain the insurance policy and related documents to be issued to a buying customer.
  • Rule filings contain the insurer’s guidelines for determining eligibility (underwriting) of a risk and other factors that determine how a risk will be rated and the premium charged.
  • health plan binder is a group of documents related to a health insurer’s major medical plans, rates, network, formularies and service area.

Insurance filings can be complex and technical in nature, and may be difficult to understand.   DIFI’s decisions related to filings are based upon laws and regulations. 

The documents contained in form and rate filings are public information with a few exceptions.  Occasionally, Arizona law requires insurance companies to submit documents as part of a filing that the insurer believes are proprietary, contain trade secrets, or are otherwise confidential.  Confidential records are not available for public review.  You can submit a public records request if you need to know whether a filing contains documents the insurer has claimed are confidential.  

Warning!  Filings can contain public information that is protected from reproduction by federal copyright laws.  You are responsible for ensuring you do not violate the copyright law. 

If you are unable to find information you need via SFA, or if you need more detailed information about a particular filing, you may submit a “Public Records Request"

 Where to Get Help

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HEALTH Insurance Rate Filings 602-364-3100
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SERFF Filing Access (SFA)