Trainee Experience Log

Published 02/04/2022


Recently DIFI has received appraisal work experience logs and appraisal report samples submitted with appraiser license applications, which did not comply with Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) experience criteria. 

It must be reiterated that a Trainee merely doing an inspection, measuring the property, taking pictures and/or typing the appraisal report cannot be claimed as experience credit, since the appraisal process as stated in item “B” below was not performed.

In a 2021 email DIFI received from Lisa Desmarais, SRA Vice President, Appraisal Issues- Appraisal Foundation, she wrote: “the trainee must be involved in the appraisal process, for the work to be countable in the experience log. If the trainee was hired to just do a property inspection and to report the information they gather on some type of inspection report: then they are not performing the appraisal process. Rather, that trainee is just collecting data.”


Below is a synopsis of the AQB minimum criteria.


V. Generic Experience Criteria

A. Education may not be substituted for experience, except as shown below in Section D below.


B. The quantitative experience requirements must be satisfied by time spent in the appraisal process. The appraisal process consists of: analyzing factors that affect value; defining the problem; gathering and analyzing data; applying the appropriate analysis and methodology; and arriving at an opinion and correctly reporting the opinion in compliance with USPAP.


Experience credit shall be granted for the actual classroom hours of instruction and hours of documented research and analysis as awarded from the practicum course approval process.


E. An hour of experience is defined as verifiable time spent in performing tasks in accordance with acceptable appraisal practice. Acceptable real property appraisal practice for experience credit includes appraisal, appraisal review, appraisal consulting, and mass appraisal.


All experience must be obtained after January 30, 1989, and must be USPAP-compliant. An applicant’s experience must be in appraisal work conforming to Standards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and/or 6, where the appraiser demonstrates proficiency in appraisal principles, methodology, procedures (development), and reporting conclusions.



Supervisors - Please make sure your Trainees are getting involved in the appraisal process and their significant professional assistance is accurately disclosed in the appraisal assignments they are involved in. In addition, their appraisal experience logs should accurately report their appraisal process involvement and actual hours worked.

Trainee Experience Log