Arizona Revised Statutes

Three Sections of the Arizona State Revised Statutes provide the basis for regulation of various Financial Institutions and Enterprises. The following links take you directly to the Arizona State Legislative Website ( and the referenced ARS section.

ARS - Title 6
ARS - Title 32
ARS - Title 44
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Title 6 - Banks and Financial Institutions
Article 1                      Definitions
6-101 Definitions
Article 2                          Department of Financial Institutions
6-110 Department of financial institutions
6-111 Superintendent; appointment; qualifications; salary
6-112 Deputy superintendent; examiners; personnel
6-113 Acts prohibited; officers; employees
6-114 Balloon payments prohibited; applicability; exemptions
6-115 Insurance premium transmitters; timely payment required; civil penalty
6-116 Sale of securities; disclosure
Article 3                      Powers and Duties
6-121 Examination; supervision
6-122 Superintendent; authority; duties; exemption
6-123 Superintendent; powers
6-123.01 Fingerprint requirements; fees
6-124 Investigations; compelling testimony and the production of documents; self‑incrimination
6-125 Annual examination assessment of financial institutions and enterprises; costs of foreign examination; payment
6-126 Application fees for financial institutions and enterprises
6-127 Disposition of revenue
6-128 Joint examinations; acceptance of federal regulatory and other authorized examinations
6-129 Records; disclosure and limitations on disclosure; evidentiary effect
6-129.01 Enterprise documents open to public inspection
6-130 Limitation of personal liability
6-131 Right to sue and defend in actions; liability limitation; award of fees and other expenses
6-131.01 Appointment of superintendent as receiver; award of property, fees and costs
6-132 Violation of title; civil penalty
6-133 Violations; classification
6-134 False statements as to financial condition; classification
6-135 Department revolving fund; use of fund
6-135.01 Department receivership revolving fund; use of fund
6-136 Violation of order or injunction; penalty
6-137 Cease and desist orders; injunctions; public inspection
6-138 Hearings
6-139 Judicial review
Article 4                      Acquisition of Control of a Bank, Trust Company or Savings and Loan Association
6-141 Definitions
6-142 Unlawful control
6-143 Exempt persons and transactions
6-144 Acquisition of control; approval of superintendent
6-145 Application for approval
6-146 Material change of fact; filing amended statements
6-147 Denial of application; grounds
6-148 Failure to act on application as approval
6-149 Determination of control of one person by another; hearing; notice
6-150 Appointment of superintendent as agent for service of process; forwarding of process; consent to jurisdiction
6-151 Injunctions
6-153 Acquisition of voting securities in violation of article; limitation on rights as shareholder; injunction
Article 5                      Proceedings for Officer Removal
6-161 Suspension, removal or prohibition; hearing; notice
6-162 Temporary prohibition; injunction
6-163 Judicial review
6-164 Attorney fees and expenses
6-165 Enforcement of order
Article 1                      General Provisions

6-181 Declaration of purposes
6-182 Transition
6-183 Rights, powers and privileges of national banks
6-184 General corporate and banking powers; incidental powers; deposit insurance; federal reserve and home loan bank membership; agency
6-185 Board of directors' meetings; review; report of failure of quorum to meet
6-186 Annual audit and report
6-187 Authority to declare dividends; limitation
6-188 Bonds and insurance; coverage
6-189 Capital obligations; approval; convertibility
6-190 Bank offices; standards and term of approval; closing; automated teller machines
6-191 Foreign banking offices; additional powers; separate accounts; additional offices; definition
6-192 Investments in international and foreign banking and financing corporations; limitation; consent; exceptions
6-193 Bank and holding company subsidiaries; powers
Article 2                      Banking Permit
6-201 Authority to engage in banking business; exception
6-202 Existing banks
6-203 Application for banking permit; organizational application; final application
6-204 Issuance of banking permit; trust business; conditional approval; hearing; banker's bank; definitions
6-205 Term of permit; surrender; revocation
Article 3                      Merger, Consolidation and Conversion of National and State Banks
6-211 Definitions
6-212 Resulting national bank
6-215 Retention of nonconforming assets; permission; maximum value
6-216 Continuation of business and corporate entity
6-217 Emergency acquisition of in‑state financial institution
Article 4                      Accounts
6-231 Deposit accounts
6-232 Powers of attorney; notice of revocation; payment after notice
6-233 Adverse claim to bank deposit; court order required; definitions
6-234 Deposit of minor; school saving plan
6-235 Bank deposits in two or more names; payment to survivor
6-236 Payment of deposits in trust
6-237 Payment of deposit to foreign personal representative
Article 5                      Regulation of Conduct of Business
6-241 Banking days; notice; closing
6-242 Preservation of bank records; regulations; disposal
6-243 Acquisition of property to satisfy or protect loans
6-244 Borrowing by bank; treatment as capital
6-245 Pledge of assets; rediscount; exception to requirement of security
6-246 Permitted investments; limitations
Article 6                      Reserves
6-271 Reserves against deposits; rule; limitations
6-272 Deposits exempt from reserve requirement
6-273 Form of reserves; limitations
6-275 Computation of reserves
Article 7                      Arizona Interstate Bank and Savings and Loan Association Act
6-321 Definitions
6-322 Interstate acquisitions; approval of superintendent; exception
6-324 De novo entry by certain financial institutions
6-325 Failure to act on application as approval
6-326 Denial of application; grounds
6-327 Applicable laws and rules; cooperative agreements; contracting exemption
6-328 Deposit concentration limits
6-329 Deposit production offices
6-330 Rights, powers and privileges of out‑of‑state banks
6-331 Enforcement
Article 9                      Loans
6-351 Definitions
6-352 Limitations of obligations to a bank; exceptions; definitions
6-353 Obligations of directors, officers and employees; reports
6-354 Loans on capital stock or capital obligations of a bank
6-355 Change loans
Article 11                    Trust Business
6-381 Authority of bank to engage in the trust business
6-382 Powers of bank as fiduciary
6-383 Identification and segregation of fiduciary assets
6-384 Deposit of fiduciary funds
6-385 Substitution of corporate fiduciary
6-386 Investment by fiduciaries; governmental obligations
Article 12                    Prohibited Practices; Penalties
6-391 Unauthorized conduct of banking business; false representation
6-394 Prohibited ownership or control of a financial institution and interest in insurer insuring deposits; assets and reserves of insurer
Article 13                    Liquidation and Dissolution
6-395 Possession by superintendent and receivership
6-395.01 Powers of superintendent in possession
6-395.02 Federal deposit insurance corporation as receiver
6-395.03 Federal deposit insurance corporation power pending judicial proceedings
6-395.04 Right of subrogation of federal deposit insurance corporation
6-395.05 Effect of receivership proceedings on liens and limitations
6-395.06 Rights, powers and duties of a receiver
6-395.07 Sale of bank assets; authority to borrow monies; injunction; hearing
6-395.08 Rejection of contracts and leases on liquidation
6-395.09 Notice to claimants on liquidation
6-395.10 Disposition of unclaimed property
6-395.11 Priority of claims; interest
6-395.12 Payment of claims and distribution to stockholders on liquidation
6-395.13 Voluntary liquidation and dissolution
6-395.14 Voidable transactions
6-395.15 Notice of taking; effect
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-401 Definitions
6-402 Scope of chapter; application to federal associations and federal savings banks
6-403 Prohibitions
6-404 General corporate powers
6-405 Power to borrow
6-405.01 Capital notes and debentures
6-406 Incidental powers
Article 2                      Formation and Licensing
6-407 Applicants and initial capital
6-408 Application for permit to organize
6-409 Findings and hearings
6-410 Superintendent's approval and issuance of permit to organize
6-411 Subscription to capital and temporary organization
6-412 Completion of organization
6-413 Contents of articles of incorporation
Article 3                      Membership and Management
6-414 Members
6-415 Members' meetings
6-416 Record date for voting, dividend and other purposes
6-417 Directors
6-418 Waiver of notice
6-419 Officers
6-420 Bonds of officers and employees
6-421 Access to books and records; communication with members
Article 4                      Capital
6-422 Types of capital; personal property
6-423 Accounts
6-424 Shares of guaranty capital; nature; consideration
6-425 Shares of guaranty capital; authorization of issuance; minimum amount
6-426 Shares of guaranty capital; rights of existing shareholders
6-427 Shares of guaranty capital; advertisement; sales; collection of subscription
6-428 Retirement or reduction of shares of guaranty capital
6-429 Issuance, delivery, and transfer of certificates and account books
6-430 Who may hold capital and membership
6-432 Effect of payment to minor or fiduciary
6-433 Payment on disability or death of holder in his own right of account
6-434 Shares and accounts of certain associations as legal investments; deposit of fiduciary monies
6-435 Voluntary withdrawal of accounts
6-436 Maturity of shares
6-437 Enforced retirement of accounts
6-438 Authorized charges applicable to members
6-439 Accounts subject to liens
6-440 Apportionment of profits
6-442 Dividends and interest
6-443 Bonus plans
6-444 Promotional activities prohibited
Article 5                      Investments and Powers
6-446 Other investments and powers
6-449 General loan contract provisions
6-450 Modification agreements
6-451 Servicing of loans
6-452 Purchase of real or personal property at forced sale
6-453 Purchase of real estate for office and rental purposes
6-454 Appraisal of real estate owned
6-456 Effect of unauthorized investments and loans; liability of officers
6-457 Appraisals
6-458 Acknowledgments
Article 6                      Voluntary Corporate Changes
6-459 Amendment of articles of incorporation
6-460 Procedure to amend articles of incorporation
6-461 Existing associations; adoption of articles and by‑laws
6-462 Conversion from state to federal association
6-463 Conversion from federal to state association
6-464 Effect of conversion
6-465 Merger of associations or corporations
6-466 Effect of merger
Article 7                      Voluntary Liquidation
6-467 Authority to liquidate
6-468 Decision as to liquidation; adoption of plan
6-469 Election of liquidators; report; supervision
6-470 Protection and liquidation of assets
6-471 Filing and payment of claims
6-472 Final distribution and dissolution
Article 8                      Supervision
6-474 Accounting practices and records
6-475 Branch office
6-476 Examination
6-477 Audit by public accountant
6-478 Reports to superintendent and members
6-479 Information to federal authorities
6-482 Receiver; appointment; transfer of assets; powers; liability
6-483 Procedure for liquidation; rights of share transferor
6-484 Illegal use of name; classification
Article 9                      Rehabilitation and Reorganization
6-486 Rehabilitation of associations; definition of plan
6-487 Proposal of plan; petition; notice of hearing
6-488 Hearing; fairness of plan
6-489 Consents required for plan to operate; exceptions
6-490 Time of giving consents; jurisdiction of court
6-491 Effect of approval and consents
6-492 Appeals
6-493 Securities defined; power to issue under plan
6-494 Authority of fiduciaries
Article 10                    Miscellaneous Provisions
6-495 Reservation of powers to legislature
6-496 Applicability of other statutes
6-497 Effect on existing associations
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-501 Definitions
6-502 Reports and examinations
6-503 Accounting and records
6-504 Advertising
Article 2                      Formation of Credit Union
6-506 Organization procedure
6-507 Certificate of approval; filing with corporation commission; certificate of incorporation
6-508 Certificate of organization and bylaws
6-509 Exclusive use of name; exception
6-510 Principal place of business; branch office; automated teller machines
6-511 Out of state credit union
6-512 Fiscal year
Article 3                      Powers of Credit Union
6-516 General powers
6-517 Federal parity
Article 4                      Membership
6-521 Membership
6-522 Organization members
6-523 Membership applications
6-524 Termination of membership
6-525 Meetings of members
6-526 Calling of special meetings
6-527 Liability of members
Article 5                      Direction of Affairs
6-531 Authority and responsibility of directors; voting
6-532 Election of board
6-533 Compensation of officials
6-534 Conflicts of interest
6-535 Officers
6-536 Executive committee
6-537 Certain duties of directors; insurance
6-538 Credit committee
6-539 Credit manager
6-540 Loan officers
6-541 Audits
6-542 Suspension and removal of officials
6-543 Action without meeting
Article 6                      Accounts
6-551 Share accounts
6-552 Dividends
6-553 Deposit accounts
6-554 Withdrawals
6-555 Minors' accounts
6-556 Multiple party accounts
6-557 Liens
6-558 Member account insurance
6-559 Savings promotion accounts
Article 7                      Loans
6-561 Purpose and conditions of loans; prepayment penalties
6-562 Interest rates and other charges
6-563 Other loan programs
6-564 Loans to officials
Article 8                      Other Member Services
6-571 Insurance for members
6-572 Group purchasing
6-573 Money type instruments
6-574 Retirement accounts
Article 9                      Investments
6-576 Investment authority
6-577 Authorized investments
Article 10                    Reserves
6-581 Transfers to regular reserve
6-582 Use of regular reserve
6-583 Special reserves
Article 11                    Dissolutions
6-584 Voluntary dissolution
6-585 Involuntary dissolution
6-586 Distribution of assets of liquidating credit union
Article 12                    Change in Corporate Status
6-587 Merger or consolidation of credit unions
6-588 Conversion of credit union
Article 13                    Corporate Credit Union
6-591 Organization
6-592 Purposes; membership
6-593 Powers of corporate credit union; federal parity
6-594 Participation in central system
6-595 Reserves
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-601 Definitions
6-602 Exemptions
6-603 License; contents of application; fees; nontransferable
6-604 Issuance of license; license year; requirements
6-605 Denial of renewal; suspension; revocation
6-606 Business limited to licensed locations; restrictions
6-607 Books; accounts; records; access
6-608 Annual report of licensee; civil penalty for failure to file
6-609 Reporting rates; change in rates; quarterly report of superintendent
6-610 Effect of revocation, suspension or surrender on preexisting contract; impairment of contracts
6-611 Prohibited acts
6-612 Rules
6-613 Restrictions; voidable loans
6-614 Noncompliance
6-615 Foreign loans; reciprocity
Article 2                      Requirements for Consumer Lender Loans
6-631 Disclosures; penalty
6-632 Finance charges
6-633 Computation of finance charges
6-634 Precomputation of consumer loan
6-635 Other allowable fees; annual reporting
6-636 Insurance securing loan; cancellation; notice
6-637 Term; payments
6-638 Other insurance
6-639 Loans from theft or fraud; consumer not responsible; correction of credit information
Article 1                      In General
6-701 Definitions
6-702 Exemptions
6-703 License required
6-704 Application for license; bonds; contract
6-705 Branch offices and agencies
6-706 Fees
6-707 Issuance of license; display; cancellation on termination
6-708 Denial; revocation or suspension of license
6-709 Requirements
6-710 Prohibitions
6-714 Advertising
6-715 Prohibitions
6-716 Fees collected
Article 1                      Administration
6-801 Definitions
6-802 Acknowledgment of report of examination; penalty
Article 2                      Licensing
6-811 Exemptions
6-812 Foreign corporations
6-813 License of agent; nontransferable; posting
6-814 Procedure for licensing; surety bond
6-815 Renewal of license
6-816 Fees
6-817 Refusal to license; suspension; revocation
Article 3                      Regulations
6-831 Records
6-832 Annual audit; report
6-833 Seizure of property of impaired escrow agent
6-833.01 Priority of distribution during receivership
6-834 Deposit of monies; definition
6-835 Limit of legal action
6-836 Commissions; other considerations prohibited
6-837 Duty of escrow agent to produce escrow records for inspection; violation; classification
6-838 Surrender of license
6-839 Continuing jurisdiction
6-840 Prohibitions; definitions
6-841 Internal control structure; definition
6-841.01 Fiduciary duty; notice of returned check
6-841.02 Reliability of title insurer; closing protection letter; definition
6-841.03 Notice of uninsured monies; rules
6-843 Disbursements; applicability
Article 4                      Escrow Rates
6-846 Making of escrow rates
6-846.01 Filing of escrow rates
6-846.02 Justification for escrow rates
6-846.03 Disapproval of escrow filings
6-846.04 Deviations in escrow rates; civil penalty
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-851 Definitions
6-852 Exemptions and permitted activities
6-853 Certificate required; exceptions
6-854 Application for certificate
6-854.01 Articles of incorporation; approval; changes
6-854.02 Board of directors; number; bylaws
6-855 Fees
6-856 Minimum capital; dividends; other requirements
6-857 Issuance of certificate; hearing
6-859 Records; audits; preservation of records; protection; insurance; bond; contingency plan
6-860 Duty of trustee, escrow officer or agent to produce trust or escrow records for inspection; violation; classification
6-861 Reports
6-862 Trust funds
6-863 Suspension or revocation of certificate
6-864 Continuing jurisdiction
6-865 Unsafe condition; receivership
6-866 Limit of legal action
6-867 Trust company name
6-868 Fidelity bond; requirements
6-869 Meetings; reports; report of examination; response; penalties
6-870   Trust committee
6-870.01 Acceptance of other examinations; cooperative agreements
6-870.02 Prohibited acts
Article 2                    Uniform Common Trust Fund Act
6-871 Establishment of common trust funds
6-872 Court accountings
6-873 Uniformity of interpretation
6-874 Short title
Article 3                      Authorization to Accept Savings Accounts and Time Deposits
6-881 Definitions
6-882 Savings accounts and time deposits; insurance; withdrawal; notice
Article 1                      Mortgage Brokers
6-901 Definitions
6-902 Exemptions
6-903 Licensing of mortgage brokers required; qualifications; application; bond; fees; renewal
6-904 Issuance of license; renewal; inactive status; branch office license; application; fee
6-905 Denial, suspension or revocation of licenses
6-906 Required accounting practices and records; escrow of monies; disclosure
6-907 Required disclosure to investors
6-908 Testing committee; testing of applicants; approval by superintendent; definition
6-909 Prohibited acts
6-910 Noncompliance not to affect validity of loan
6-911 Active military duty; compensation
6-912 Certificate of exemption
6-913 Conversion to commercial mortgage broker license
Article 2                      Mortgage Bankers
6-941 Definitions
6-942 Exemptions
6-943 Licensing of mortgage bankers required; qualifications; application; bond; fees; renewal
6-944 Issuance of license; renewal; branch office license; application; fee
6-945 Denial, suspension or revocation of licenses
6-946 Required accounting practices and records; refundable deposits; periodic impoundment payments; disclosure
6-947 Prohibited acts
6-948 Noncompliance not to affect validity of loan
6-949 Conversion to mortgage broker license
Article 3                      Commercial Mortgage Bankers
6-971 Definitions
6-972 Exemptions
6-973 Licensing commercial mortgage bankers required; qualifications
6-974 Application for license; issuance or denial; fees
6-975 Bond or other security
6-976 Responsible individual; employees
6-977 Displaying and using license number
6-978 Consent of superintendent for transferring, assigning or acquiring control of licensee; definition
6-979 Principal place of business; branch office license; change of address
6-980 Annual renewal; expiration on failure to renew
6-981 Inactive status
6-982 Denial, suspension or revocation of licenses
6-983 Required accounting practices and records; escrow of monies; disclosure
6-984 Prohibited acts
6-985 Noncompliance not to affect validity of loan
Article 4                      Loan Originators
6-991 Definitions
6-991.01 Exemptions
6-991.02 Prohibited acts
6-991.03 Licensing; renewal; qualifications; application; fees
6-991.04 Issuance of license; notice from employing mortgage broker, mortgage banker or consumer lender or registered exempt person; renewal; inactive status; address change; fee
6-991.05 Denial, suspension or revocation of licenses
6-991.07 Examination; fee; definition
6-991.08 Reasonable efforts to secure advantageous loan for borrower
6-991.09 Mortgage recovery fund; liability limits
6-991.10 Payments to the mortgage recovery fund
6-991.11 Statute of limitations; service of summons; application for payment; insufficient monies; definition
6-991.12 Notice of claim to judgment debtor; response
6-991.13 Correction of deficiencies in the application
6-991.14 Investigation and discovery
6-991.15 Final decision and order on claim; notice
6-991.16 Claimant's right to appeal denial of claim; service of notice of appeal; response; failure to file response
6-991.17 Superintendent's standing in court
6-991.18 Subrogation of rights; collection
6-991.19 Waiver of rights
6-991.20 Effect of article on disciplinary action
6-991.21 Financial services fund; use of fund
6-991.22 Noncompliance not to affect validity of loan
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-1001 Definitions
6-1002 Legal relationship in use of safe deposit facilities
6-1003 Change of location of repositories
6-1004 Tenancy in two or more names
6-1005 Lease to a minor
6-1006 Adverse claims to repository; definitions
6-1007 Lessee's death or incompetency; revocation of power of attorney
6-1008 Procedure on death of lessee
6-1009 Lessor's lien; default of lessee; or failure to surrender
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-1101 Definitions
6-1102 Prohibitions
6-1103 Exempt persons and transactions
6-1104 Acquisition of control; approval by superintendent
6-1105 Application for approval
6-1106 Material change of fact; filing amended statements
6-1107 Denial of application; grounds
6-1108 Failure to act on application as approval
6-1109 Determination of control of one person by another; hearing; notice
6-1110 Appointment of superintendent as agent for service of process; forwarding of process; consent to jurisdiction
6-1112 Acquisition of voting securities in violation of article; limitation on rights as shareholder; injunction
6-1113 Reports; examination; costs
Article 1                      Licenses and Regulation
6-1201 Definitions
6-1202 License required
6-1203 Exemptions
6-1204 Application for license; fees
6-1205 Bond required; conditions; notice; cancellation; substitution
6-1205.01 Net worth requirements
6-1206 Issuance of license; renewal
6-1207 Principal and branch offices; notices
6-1208 Authorized delegates of licensee; reports
6-1209 Cease and desist orders; examinations
6-1210 Suspension or revocation of licenses
6-1211 Reports
6-1212 Permissible investments
6-1213 Records
6-1214 Liability of licensees
6-1215 Notice of source of instrument; transaction records
6-1216 Acquisition of control
6-1217 Appointment of superintendent as agent for service of process; forwarding of process; consent to jurisdiction
6-1218 Prohibited transactions
Article 2                    Money Laundering
6-1241 Reports to the attorney general; investigation; violation; classification
6-1242 Investigations
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-1301 Definitions
6-1302 Scope of chapter; exemptions
6-1303 Application for registration
6-1304 Fees
6-1305 Registration; renewal; reporting requirements
6-1306 Register of advance fee loan brokers
6-1307 Records
6-1308 Denial, revocation or suspension of registration
6-1309 Prohibited acts
6-1310 Noncompliance not to affect validity of loan
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-1401 Definitions
6-1402 Licensure required; contents of application; fees; nontransferable; branch office permit
6-1403 Exemptions
6-1404 Denial, suspension or revocation of licenses and branch office permits
6-1405 Issuance of license or branch office permit; license year; requirements
6-1406 Books and records of premium finance company; access to records
6-1407 Removal of place of business
6-1408 Annual report of licensee; civil penalty for failure to file
6-1409 Effect of revocation, suspension or surrender on preexisting contracts; impairment of contracts
6-1410 Form of premium finance agreement; notice
6-1411 Disclosure requirements
6-1412 Limitation on interest and other charges
6-1413 Other charges allowed
6-1414 Splitting of premium finance agreement prohibited
6-1415 Cancellation of insurance contract upon default
6-1416 Return premiums
6-1417 Servicing of premium finance agreements
6-1418 Exemption from any filing requirements
6-1419 Rules
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-1501 Method of taxing national banking associations
6-1502 Method of taxing banks, investment companies and savings and loan associations
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-1601 Financial institutions data match and data exchange; surrender of assets of delinquent taxpayer; nonliability
Article 1                      General Provisions
6-1701 Definitions
6-1702 Financial counseling; counselor requirements
6-1703 Required disclosures; counseling
6-1704 Reverse mortgage; provisions
6-1705 Prepayment; repayment conditions
6-1706 Borrower liability; prohibited practices; investments; annuities
6-1707 Enforcement
6-1708 Lien priority and validity
Article 1                    Administration

32-1001 Definitions
32-1004 Exemptions
Article 2 Licensing
32-1021 Original application for license; financial statement; bond; definition
32-1022 Contents of financial statement; bond provisions
32-1023 Qualifications of applicants
32-1024 Licensing out‑of‑state collection agents
32-1025 Annual renewal of license; suspension; expiration
32-1026 Issuance of licenses
32-1027 Issuance of provisional license for limited purposes
32-1028 Fees
Article 3                      Regulation
32-1051 Duties of licensees
32-1053 Denial, revocation or suspension of license
32-1055 Unlawful acts
32-1056 Violation; classification
32-1057 Prosecution of violations; individual liability

Article 5                      Prearranged Funeral Agreements
32-1391.01 Powers and duties of board
32-1391.02 Prearranged funeral agreements; restrictions on sales
32-1391.03 Department of financial institutions powers and duties; prearranged funeral trust accounts
32-1391.04 Prearranged funeral trust accounts; books and records; inspection and examination
32-1391.05 Prearranged funeral agreements funded by trusts; definition
32-1391.06 Service fees; prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust
32-1391.07 Cancellation; prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust
32-1391.08 Prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust; death of beneficiary
32-1391.09 Prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust; consumer disclosures
Article 1 General Provisions

32-3601 Definitions
32-3602 Applicability of chapter
32-3603 Registration, license or certificate use; exception
32-3605 Superintendent; duties; powers; immunity
32-3606 Executive director; duties
32-3607 Fees; use of credit cards
32-3608 Board of appraisal fund
32-3609 Confidential records
32-3610 Uniform standards of professional appraisal practice; state standards; exception
Article 2 Registration, Licensure and Certification
32-3611 Registration, licensure and certification process
32-3612 Classifications of licensure, registration and certification
32-3613 Application and qualification requirements for issuance of license
32-3614 Application and qualification requirements for certification
32-3614.01 Application for registered trainee appraiser certificates
32-3614.02 Application for supervisory appraiser designation
32-3615 Experience requirement for licensure or certification
32-3616 Terms of license or certificate
32-3617 Nonresident temporary licensure or certification
32-3618 Reciprocity
32-3619 Renewal of license or certificate; fees
32-3620 Basis for denial of a license or certificate
32-3621 Addresses; telephone numbers; notification of change
32-3622 Licenses and certificates
32-3623 Use of term
32-3624 Professional corporations and partnerships
32-3625 Continuing education
32-3626 Scarcity determination; resident temporary licenses and certificates; exemption
32-3627 Inactive license or certificate status; reactivation application; renewal application and fee; continuing education
32-3628 Inactive license or certificate status during military duty; reactivation application; renewal application and fee; continuing education
Article 3                      Regulation
32-3631 Disciplinary proceedings
32-3632 Hearing and judicial review; civil penalties; costs and fees
32-3633 Undue influence; classification
32-3634 Prohibition against discrimination  
32-3635 Standards of practice; unprofessional conduct
32-3636 Contingent fees
32-3637 Retention of records; definition
32-3638 Violation; classification
32-3639 Damages; injunctive relief
32-3640 Prohibition; indemnification agreement
Article 4                      Property Tax Agents
32-3651 Definitions
32-3652 Registration; renewal; fees
32-3653 Property tax agent conduct
32-3654 Disciplinary actions
32-3655 Rules
32-3656 Confidential records
Article 5                      Appraisal Management Companies
32-3661 Definitions
32-3662 Registration
32-3663 Exemptions
32-3664 Registration forms
32-3665 Expiration of registration
32-3666 Consent to service of process
32-3667 Fee; bond
32-3668 Owner requirements
32-3669 Controlling person
32-3670 Employee requirements
32-3671 Agreements with independent appraisers; limitations
32-3672 Certification on renewal
32-3673 Disclosure of fees
32-3674 Appraiser independence; prohibitions
32-3675 Payment
32-3676 Appraisal reports; alteration; use
32-3677 Adjudication of disputes
32-3678 Enforcement
32-3679 Disciplinary hearings
32-3680 Rule making authority
Sales Finance Companies
Article 1                      In General
44-281 Definitions
44-282 Licensing of sales finance companies required; penalty
44-283 Denial, suspension or revocation of licenses
44-286 Requirements and prohibitions as to retail installment contracts
44-287 Contents of contract
44-288 Insurance provisions of contract
44-289 Delinquent contract; recovery; transfer fees; blank spaces in contract
44-290 Amount of payments; waiver of remedies
44-291 Computation of interest; prepayment rebate; additional charges; secondary motor vehicle finance transaction; definitions
44-293 Motor vehicle; refinancing retail installment contract
44-294 Records
44-295 Penalties