Bail Recovery Agent Licensing/Registration

The following are requirements for registering as a bail recovery agent:


You must be at least 18 years old.


Important!  Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) § 20-340.01(B) prohibits the Department of Insurance from issuing a bail bond agent license until the Department receives the results of the criminal history check, which can take up to four months from the date the Department receives your fingerprint card.

Pursuant to ARS §§ 20-142(E)20-340.01(B) and 41-1750(G)(2), you must submit fingerprints to the Arizona Department of Insurance, as follows:

  • Have a clear set of fingerprints applied to the fingerprint card by the professional fingerprinting technician. Prometric, Arizona's insurance examination provider, along with some other vendors, use electronic systems to optically image fingerprints, which tend to produce more accurate results.
  • Make sure that the fingerprinting technician
  • verifies your identity using your government-issued photo ID;
  • completes Form L-FPV (Fingerprint Verification Form);
  • seals the completed Form L-FPV with the completed fingerprint card in a fingerprint card envelope;
  • writes his/her name across the edge of the flap of the envelope so that the upper parts of the letters are on the flap and the lower parts of the letters are off the flap (but on the envelope).
  • Submit the UNOPENED ENVELOPE containing the completed fingerprint card and Form L-FPV along with your license application.
  • Add the FBI fingerprint card processing fee to your license fee payment. The FBI fingerprint card processing fee is separate from the fee that a fingerprint card technician may charge you to apply your fingerprints to a fingerprint card and to complete Form L-FPV.

IMPORTANT!  The Department will refuse to accept a fingerprint card if the fingerprint card envelope appears to have been opened or if the Form L-FPV is not included in the envelope with the card.


Submit the following to the Arizona Department of Insurance before acting as a bail recovery agent and on or before September 1st every third year after the initial submission (per ARS §§ 20-340.04(B)):

  • A sealed envelope containing your professionally applied fingerprints on a blue-outlined Form FD-258 fingerprint card with Form L-FPV completed by the fingerprinting technician.
  • Form L-BFP (Bail Recovery Agent Fingerprint Submission Registration Form), which must include a clear 2" X 3" photograph of your face.
  • The $22.00 FBI Fingerprint Card processing fee.

Bail Recovery Agent Licensing/Registration



All insurance professionals (both residents and nonresidents) can apply for licenses, renew licenses, and update addresses and phone numbers online through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), at  

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