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What is a Producer?

An insurance producer is an individual or business entity authorized to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance.  An insurance producer who works on behalf of an insurance consumer to buy insurance is also known as an insurance broker.  An insurance producer who works on behalf of an insurance company to sell insurance is also known as an insurance agent.


Generally, you must be licensed to "sell" [ARS § 20-281(14)], "solicit" [ARS § 20-281(15)] or "negotiate" [ARS § 20-281(10)] insurance in Arizona.  ARS § 20-282.

See ARS § 20-283 for persons who are exempt from insurance producer licensing requirements.

What is a Temporary License?

The Department may issue a temporary insurance producer license with a term of up to 180 days to allow an individual to service insurance business in the following cases:

  1. To the surviving spouse or court appointed personal representative of a licensed insurance producer who dies or becomes a person with a mental or physical disability to allow adequate time for the sale of the insurance business owned by the producer, for the recovery of the producer and return of the producer to the business or to provide for the training and licensing of new personnel to operate the producer's business.
  2. To a member or employee of a business entity that is licensed as an insurance producer on the death or disability of an individual who is the designated producer on the business entity application or license.
  3. To the designee of a licensed insurance producer who enters active service in the armed forces of the United States.

ARS § 20-294




All insurance professionals (both residents and nonresidents) can apply for licenses, renew licenses, and update addresses and phone numbers online through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), at  

NIPR license and renewal applications are easy to complete, and we can usually process them faster than applications that are mailed to us. NIPR charges a small transaction fee (around $5 to $7) to process a license application and fee payment.  Many people have found that overall, the added convenience plus the time and postage savings are worth paying the fee. 

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