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Licensing/Registration: Reinsurer

ARS § 20-26120-3601, 20-3602, 20-3603, 20-3604 and 20-3605 set forth requirements for reinsuring risks and for being able to reflect reinsurance as an asset or a reduction of liability.  

A domestic insurer that intends to be a party to reinsurance (either ceding or assuming risk) must file the reinsurance agreement with the Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions and receive the Department's written approval prior to executing a reinsurance agreement except for:

  • Reinsurance of ocean marine or marine protection and indemnity risks;
  • Assumption reinsurance contracts for an assuming insurer that has fulfilled Arizona's most recent requirement to file a financial statement with the Department, and the financial statement shows the assuming insurer has a policyholder surplus of at least $50 million.
Accredited Reinsurer; Reinsurer Domiciled in Another State; Reinsurer Maintaining Trust Funds


Form E-RE-I: Reinsurer Initial Instructions


Form E-AR-1: Certificate of Assuming Insurer

Certified Reinsurer


Form E-CR-I: Certified Reinsurer Instructions.


Form E-CR-C: Uniform Application Checklist for Certified Reinsurers.


Form E-CR-1: Certificate of Certified Reinsurer


Form E-CR-F Instructions


Form E-CR-S Instructions



Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurer


Form Reinsurer E-RJ-C Application Checklist


Form E-RJ-1 Reinsurer Certificate of Reins Dom In Recip Juris

Certified and Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurer Information


Form E-CR-INFO: Certified Reinsurer Information

Licensing/Registration: Reinsurer