Insurers Reporting Requirements and Instructions:

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) is a federal law that requires certain health insurance companies to cover mental health and substance use disorder (MH/SUD) services in parity with medical and surgical (M/S) services. This includes a requirement that treatment limitation processes under a benefit plan are no more restrictive for MH/SUD services than they are for M/S services.


Pursuant to A.R.S. § 20-3502 and AAC R20-6-1302, applicable insurers are required to submit a confidential Mental Health Parity (MHP) Triennial Report (Report) on or before March 15 every three years. The first triennial report is due March 15, 2023. Insurers are also required to annually file a summary of changes made to their medical necessity criteria and nonquantitative treatment limits, along with a written attestation regarding compliance with the MHPAEA. 


Arizona insurers will submit the reports via SERFF using the Arizona Filing Type "Mental Health Parity Triennial Report." Detailed instructions, including a helpful MHP Report Flingin checklist, can be found in SERFF. 

Compliance Resources:


Arizona Mental Health Parity Triennial Report Checklist 


OK NQTL Reporting Template (comparable alternative to AZ template) 


US Department of Labor Self-Compliance Tool for group and individual health insurance coverage 


Regulatory Resources:

Arizona Mental Health Parity law:   Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 20, Chapter 28

20-3501 Definitions

20-3502 Compliance with federal law; report

20-3503 Enforcement and oversight

20-3504 Access to behavioral health services for minors

20-3505 Mental health parity advisory committee; members


AZ Mental Health Parity rules:   Arizona Administrative Code, Title 20, Chapter 6, Article 13

R20-6-1301. Definitions

R20-6-1302. Medical Necessity Criteria and NQTL Reporting

R20-6-1303. FR and QTL Reporting

R20-6-1304. Additional Information or Data

R20-6-1305. Confidentiality of Information

Exhibit A. Medical Necessity Criteria and NQTL Reports


Federal MHPAEA rules:  45 CFR §146.136 Parity in mental health and substance use disorder benefits 

Federal MHPAEA FAQ - September 5, 2019

Federal MHPAEA FAQ- April 2, 2021

Mental Health Parity Reporting