Licensing/Registration: Service Company

You do not need a service company permit if you are any of the following:

  1. A manufacturer of a product that issues warranties on the product.
  2. Motor vehicle manufacturers that pay claims for service contracts they sell.
  3. An affiliate of a product manufacturer that issues warranties or service contracts and that submits annual audited financial statements per ARS § 20-1095.02(A)(3).
  4. Companies that sell service contracts to persons other than a consumer (i.e. reseller).
  5. Companies that issue service contracts that cover only one the following types of items that the company sells or services:
    1. Appliances and/or electronic equipment;
    2. Residential heating, cooling or air conditioning systems;
    3. Mechanical equipment is other than motor vehicles or their components.

      Example: Acme Air Conditioning sells service contracts only on the AC units that they sell or service; their main business is selling or servicing AC units.

  6. Companies that, directly or through retailers, sell or service electronic personal communications devices and accessories (such as cell phones, tablets, etc.).
  7. Licensed residential contractors (or those exempt under ARS § 32-1121) who sell service contracts on the items, structures or improvements that they install, construct, or build.
  8. Companies issuing prepaid maintenance agreements that provide scheduled maintenance and do not include repair or replacement.


Licensing/Registration: Service Company