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What Is Covered Under Comprehensive Coverage?

Some of the coverages provided under Comprehensive include theft of all or part of the vehicle, glass breakage, and damage due to fire, windstorm, hail, water, falling objects, vandalism, explosion, or hitting a bird or animal.

What Is Covered Under Collision Coverage?

Collision coverage pays if your auto collides with an object, including another car, or if it overturns. Your insurer will pay to repair these damage even if the collision is your fault.

I Have an Older Vehicle Which I Do Not Care to Insure for Comprehensive and Collisions Coverages. Is There Any Reason Why I Should Carry Higher Than Minimum Liability Limits?

If you have assets you need to protect, you may want to carry higher than minimum liability limits to protect yourself from lawsuits by a person or persons you may injure in an accident.

How Is the Deductible for Comprehensive or Collision Coverage Applied?

The deductible for Comprehensive or Collision applies to each loss that occurs to your vehicle. A deductible is the dollar amount you will have to pay toward the loss before the insurer begins to make payments on the loss.

To Whom Do I Pay the Deductible if I Have a Comprehensive or Collision Loss?

You will pay the deductible to the repair facility.

Physical Damage Coverage