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Loan Originator Employment and Compensation

Evan G. Daniels 04-23-2021

REGULATORY BULLETIN 2022-01(INS) - Prior Authorization laws' requirements with 2 forms. 

Evan G. Daniels 01-03-2022

2021 Arizona Insurance and Financial Institutions Laws

Evan G. Daniels 10-01-2021

Collection Agency Licenses: Branches 

Evan G. Daniels 09-18-2020

Coverage of COVID-19 Vaccines

Evan G. Daniels 12-07-2020

2020 Arizona Insurance and Financial Institutions Laws

Evan G. Daniels 08-17-2020

COVID-19 and Insurance Customer Relief; Flexibility

Christina Corieri 04-16-2020

Complying with Regulatory Requirements during the Public Health Emergency

Christina Corieri 04-14-2020

Implementation of Executive Order 2020‐07 Proactive Measures to Protect Against COVID‐19 and Executive Order 2020‐15 Expansion of Telemedicine.

Christina Corieri 04-03-2020

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Offer Form; SB1087

Keith A. Schraad 01-10-2020

2019 Arizona Insurance Laws

Keith A. Schraad 08-27-2019

Use of Credits and Premium Rebates in the Health Insurance Market 

Keith A. Schraad 02-07-2019

2018 Arizona Insurance Laws

Keith A. Schraad 07-19-2018

Withdrawal of Circular Letter 2006-08

Leslie R. Hess 12-05-2017

2017 Arizona Insurance Laws

Leslie R. Hess 08-08-2017

This regulatory bulletin supersedes and withdraws previously issued Regulatory Bulletin 2002-03 and Regulatory Bulletin 2002-03A, and summarizes updated requirements that insurers must observe with regard to notifying policyholders of premium increases, changes in deductible, reduction in limits or reduction in coverage.

Leslie R. Hess 05-17-2017

Surplus lines brokers no longer need to annually recertify surplus lines insurers for Arizona's List of Qualified Unauthorized Insurers (a.k.a. "White List").

This regulatory bulletin describes the impact of the expiration of A.A.C. R20-6-204, relating to the qualification of a foreign unauthorized insurer to be added to and retained on Arizona's White List.

Leslie R. Hess 12-19-2016

This regulatory bulletin clarifies that HB 2149 did not change the requirements for surplus lines brokers (SLBs) to report and pay taxes and stamping fees for service fees that SLBs charge insureds. Instead, HB 2149 clarified that a SLB does not need to report or pay taxes on a service fee charged to an insured by a insurance producer as may be permissible under ARS §§ 20-407(C) and 20-465, for which an insurance producer is not subject to premium tax but may be subject to federal and state income taxes.

Leslie R. Hess 10-25-2016

This regulatory bulletin establishes the operative date of the uniform valuation manual, for purposes of the Arizona Standard Valuation Law, A.R.S. 20-510, as January 1, 2017.

Leslie R. Hess 10-21-2016

This regulatory bulletin summarizes the major, newly enacted legislation affecting the Department, its licensees, and Arizona insurance consumers.

Leslie R. Hess 07-05-2016

This bulletin supersedes Regulatory Bulletin 2015-01A.  This bulletin sets $2,610 as the threshold amount of property damages insurers may use to non-renew private passenger automobile policies.

Leslie R. Hess 03-08-2016

The purpose of this Bulletin is to advise all surety insurers that engage bail bond agents to post appearance (bail) bonds in Arizona courts of a change of procedure within the Department.  As of the date of this Bulletin, the Department will now refer indemnitors with unreleased liens on vehicles and real property directly to the surety insurer that issued a bail bond that the court has exonerated if it cannot communicate with the bail bond agent or the bail bond agent fails to cooperate in releasing the lien.

Andy Tobin 11-04-2015

This Regulatory Bulletin summarizes the major, newly enacted legislation affecting the Department, its licensees, and insurance consumers. This summary is not meant as an exhaustive list or a detailed analysis of all insurance-related bills. It generally describes the substantive content, but does not capture all details or necessarily cover all bills that may be of interest to a particular reader. The Department may follow this bulletin with other, more detailed bulletins related to implementation of the legislation.

Germaine L. Marks 06-19-2015

The Arizona Legislature passed HB 2135 (Laws 2015, Chapter 235), which establishes insurance and regulatory requirements for transportation network companies and their drivers.  The legislation is effective from and after July 3, 2015.  The purpose of this Regulatory Bulletin is to provide guidance to insurers that wish to file products with the Arizona Department of Insurance (“ADOI”) to provide coverage for individuals operating a transportation network company vehicle.

Germaine L. Marks 04-27-2015

The purpose of this Bulletin is to advise you of certain provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program reauthorization Act of 2015 amending and extending the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 (“TRIA” or “the Act”) by reauthorization, which may require insurers to submit a filing in Arizona of disclosure notices, policy language and applicable rates as a result of the Act.  For further details related to the Act, please consult the Act itself.  This Bulletin supersedes Regulatory Bulletin 2008-01 titled “Voluntary Expedited Procedures for Compliance with the Provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007.”

Germaine L. Marks 02-24-2015

This bulletin supersedes Regulatory Bulletin 2015-01, which has been withdrawn.  This bulletin sets $2,610 as the threshold amount of property damages insurers may use to non-renew private passenger automobile policies.

Germaine L. Marks 02-09-2015

The purpose of this Bulletin is to highlight (underscore) the criteria for certain health insurance benefits in the individual market to be exempt (“excepted”) from the market reforms of the Affordable care Act (“ACA”), and from corresponding regulations promulgated by the Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) in Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations (“45 CFR”).  In particular, this Bulletin addresses recent changes to 45 CFR §148.220 (2014), offers guidance regarding three issues raised by the amendment of §148.220, and provides sample language to meet the requirements of §148.220.

Germaine L. Marks 03-23-2015

The purpose of this regulatory bulletin is to notify unauthorized insurers from whom coverage may be procured to cover risks of Arizona insureds that the criteria for qualifying as an industrial insured change January 1, 2015.

Germaine L. Marks 12-31-2014

Travel Insurance Producer Licensure

Germaine L. Marks 11-04-2014

Insurance Compliance Self-Evaluative Privilege

Germaine L. Marks 10-21-2014

Premium Credit for Subscription to Fire Protection Service

Germaine L. Marks 10-08-2014

Individual Annuity or Pure Endowment Contracts: use of 1983 Table “a”; Annuity 2000 Mortality Table and 2012 Individual Annuity Reserving (2012 IAR) Table

Germaine L. Marks 09-08-2014

2014 Arizona Insurance Laws

Germaine L. Marks 07-15-2014

Licensing Requirements for Health Insurance Navigators and Health Insurance Certified Application Counselors

Germaine L. Marks 06-16-2014

Filing Fee for Non-Profit Military Mutual Aid Associations

Germaine L. Marks 04-15-2014

Revision of Private Passenger Automobile Property Damage Threshold for Purposes of A.R.S. § 20-1631(E) 

Germaine L. Marks 02-05-2014

Threshold Rate Increase Review in the Small Group Market

Germaine L. Marks 12-20-2013

Preapproved Life Settlement Disclosure Forms

Germaine L. Marks 09-17-2013

2013 Arizona Insurance Laws

Germaine L. Marks 08-21-2013

Revision of Private Passenger Automobile Property Damage Threshold for Purposes of 

A.R.S. § 20-1631(E)

Germaine L. Marks 01-23-2013

Threshold Rate Increase Review

Germaine L. Marks 12-21-2012

Common Areas of Non-Compliance with Bail Bond Statutes and Rules

Germaine L. Marks 11-16-2012

2012 Arizona Insurance Law

Christina Urias 06-05-2012

Revision of Private Passenger Automobile Property Damage Threshold For Purposes Of A.R.S. § 20-1631(E)

Christina Urias 01-31-2012

Temporary Consumer Protection Standards Applicable to Arizona’s Existing External Review Process

Christina Urias 07-21-2011

Implementation of Federal Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act in Arizona

Christina Urias 06-28-2011

Licensing Requirements to Write Immigration Bonds; Verification of Bail Bond Agent Licensure; and “Bond Slamming” Deterrence

Christina Urias 06-07-2011

2011 Arizona Insurance Laws

Christina Urias 05-27-2011

Bulletins and Alerts