Producer (Agent/Broker) Annuity Training

Producer (Agent/Broker) Annuity Training

Pursuant to 20-1243.07, before selling, soliciting or negotiating an annuity, a producer with a life insurance line of authority shall complete a onetime four credit-hour training course and an insurer must verify the producer has completed the course before allowing the insurance producer to sell, solicit or negotiate an annuity on the insurer’s behalf. 

Both resident and non-resident life insurance producers must complete the four-hour training course.  Please note, a producer can also meet the four-hour training requirement by completing a four hour course from another state that has substantially similar requirements. 

Producers do not need to submit information to the Department of Insurance, but should retain all course completion certificates so they can provide verification to their insurers.

A resident insurance producer can get Arizona insurance continuing education credit hours and meet the four-hour training requirement by completing Arizona-approved continuing education annuity courses.   To find Arizona-approved annuity continuing education courses:

·         Go to,

·         Select ‘Arizona’ as the jurisdiction and ‘Course or Provider’ as the search type,

·         In the Course Group box select “Annuity Best Interest 4”,

·         Agree to the Terms and Conditions and select ‘Search’. 

Any course that shows 4 or more hours of annuity credit will satisfy the training requirement. 

Producer (Agent/Broker) Annuity Training