MVD Insurance Reporting system changes and required actions

FROM: ADOT Motor Vehicle Division, Mandatory Insurance Unit

DATE: June 7, 2022

RE: MVD Insurance Reporting system changes and required actions
The current insurance reporting system for the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division is the Arizona
Mandatory Insurance Reporting System (AMIRS). ADOT will be transitioning from AMIRS to the Arizona Insurance Verification System (AZIVS) in the next few weeks.
This transition will require all insurance companies authorized to sell motor vehicle liability
insurance to register with the new system, beginning June 7, 2022.
Action Required: In order to onboard with the new system, you will need to go to and click on the “Register” link in the top menu. Registration is only
available to insurance companies that are licensed in AZ. Fill out the required information to
register with AZIVS. The AZIVS website is used for user registration, account management,
reporting, user management, and providing help to insurance companies. The AZIVS help desk
will contact you after your registration is approved, to begin the testing process.

Key Dates for insurance companies are:
- July 19th Deadline for insurance companies to register with AZIVS website;
- Sept 1st - Deadline for insurance companies to begin testing with AZIVS;
- Nov 7th - Deadline for insurance companies to move to production with AZIVS;
Arizona Revised Statutes Title 28, Chapter 9, Section 4148 mandates insurance company
reporting and gives the ADOT Director the authority to specify the format, schedule and manner of reporting. Failure to meet these key dates and deadlines will result in non-compliance and will prohibit further reporting to the State.
An Implementation Guide has been created to assist insurers with AZIVS compliance. To view
the Guide, go to, click on the “Help” link, then “Help For Insurance

If you have any questions about AZIVS, please send an email [email protected].




MVD Insurance Reporting system changes and required actions