Apache Junction police host Dec. 6 vehicle identification number etching event

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The Apache Junction Police Department welcomes back all our winter residents — and of course the year-round residents — with a vehicle identification number etching event on Dec. 6. It is 9 a.m.-noon at the Apache Junction Parks and Recreation Department parking lot, 1001 N. Idaho Road, directly north of the police department.


For more info click on the link > https://apachejunctionindependent.com/calendar/vehicle-identification-number-etching-event/


Quartzsite purchases police car equipped with license plate reader

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Quartzsite purchases police car equipped with license plate reader


The Quartzsite Police Department unveiled their newest patrol vehicle Sept. 21 at Town Hall. It’s a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe equipped with radar and a license plate reader designed to help find stolen vehicles. Police Chief Will Ponce said it’s a valuable addition to the department.


The vehicle was paid for by the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority. AATA Director Frederick Zumbo was on hand for the unveiling in Quartzsite. He described the AATA as a state agency being funded by insurance fees and they take in $6.2 million per year. Of that, 95 percent goes out to local entities in grants for prosecution, auto theft prevention, and law enforcement.


Zumbo and County Attorney Tony Rogers noted AATA has paid for a full-time auto theft prosecutor for La Paz County.


Ponce said Quartzsite is the only entity in Arizona to have received a vehicle through the AATA. He said the town has been working with the AATA since 2014, and it took a lot of persuasion to get them to fund a vehicle.


The Tahoe will be used on patrol duty. It will be operated by Officer Hilario Tanakeyowma, who also wrote the grant for it.

Zumbo said he wants to see more money sent to rural communities and counties. As a former Arizona Department of Public Safety officer himself, he said he knows how difficult law enforcement can be in rural areas.


“It’s our pleasure to do this,” he said. “Small towns don’t have the funds for something like this. Our officers out there need to have the best equipment we can give them.”


Quartzsite Town Manager Jim Ferguson noted there is a lot of traffic coming through Quartzsite off Interstate 10.


“It’s absolutely awesome,” he said of the vehicle. “It’s going to help us.”


Rogers said he was glad AATA is focusing on rural communities. He added they’ve been doing a good job of letting local entities know what grants are out there, and they have been very helpful to his office.


Ponce said he was thankful for the opportunity to apply for and receive the grant. He said he expected the vehicle will last about five years. He said the department still has some Ford Crown Victorias, but they are phasing them out. He said the Chevrolet Tahoe better suits their needs, and it will last longer. He added other departments are buying them.


As for the vehicle that made its debut Sept. 21, Ponce said, “We think it will serve our community well.”




July is National Auto Theft Awareness Month! Are you doing all you can to keep your car safe?

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Arizona Insurance Institue - July 2017 News Brief


The Arizona Auto Theft Authority and NHTSA Reminds the Public to Secure Your Car During July’s National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month
In 2015, nearly a quarter of a million vehicles were stolen in the United States. Vehicle theft is a billion-dollar crime, with the cost of stolen vehicles coming in at more than $5 billion in 2015 alone.

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It all Starts with a Stolen Vehicle

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It All Starts with a Stolen Vehicle
Our society is enamored with driving and our individual freedom is often connected with the ability to jump in our car and drive to wherever we would like. The criminal element is aware of this and takes advantage of people distracted by everyday life to steal vehicles. Unfortunately, many of these vehicle thefts … (A I I Guest Post)


NICB's 2016 Hot Spots Vehicle Theft Report

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NICB’s 2016 Hot Spots Vehicle Theft Report


Anchorage, AK and Billings, MT Metro Areas Make First-Time Appearance in Top 10 DES PLAINES, Ill.—The Albuquerque, N.M. metropolitan statistical area (MSA) had the highest per capita auto theft rate in 2016 according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) latest Hot Spots report. Hot Spots examines vehicle theft data obtained from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) for each of the nation’s MSAs. MSAs are designated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and often include areas much larger than the cities for which they are named. For example, this year’s number one spot, the Albuquerque, N.M. MSA, includes all thefts within the entire county of Bernalillo, not just the city of Albuquerque.


Full Report

Hot Spot Video - Youtube


Thieves are targeting tailgates in broad daylight

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Jason Barry with Channel 3 (azfamily.com)



Crooks are starting to get more brazen, committing their crimes in broad daylight.

And the latest trend in theft? Thieves are stealing tailgates from pickup trucks.

Vehicle theft is a big problem in Arizona. But a lot of crooks are now just targeting parts, like tailgates, which they can quickly sell. 

The crimes are happening not just at night, but in broad daylight.

Thieves sneak up to someone's pickup truck, then take off with their tailgate.


For the full story and video please click on the link below.




AZ auto theft authority celebrates 25 years; Kick off "Park Smart" program

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The Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) is dedicated to reducing vehicle theft in Arizona. One of our many partners in this fight is the Town of Marana and recently, AATA Executive Director, Fred Zumbo attended the annual State of the Town event which coincided with the 40th year celebration of incorporation.  Director Zumbo took this opportunity to speak with attendees about vehicle theft prevention and how individuals can incorporate safety and Park Smart program tips.  This year the AATA also celebrates a milestone – 25 years (1997-2017).....



Missing a truck tailgate? You're not alone

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Ocala StarBanner 


Missing a truck tailgate? You're not alone

   Florida is No. 3 nationwide in reported thefts of pickup truck tailgates.

By Austin L. Miller 


When Kunal Gaekwad started to back his 2016 Ford F-250 King Ranch pickup truck out of his parking spot outside a gym on south Pine Avenue on a recent afternoon, he noticed the backup camera screen was black. Then he noticed why — the tailgate had been stolen.

Gaekwad was the victim of a national trend of thefts of tailgates from a variety of models of pickups.

Nationally, the top states reporting the thefts are Texas and California. Florida is third.

Arizona, which ranks fourth, recently launched a campaign called "Watch Your Tail," sponsored by the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority. One purpose is to encourage residents to lock and secure tailgates with various devices.


According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the number of truck tailgate thefts nationwide jumped from 430 claims in 2010 to 1,895 in 2014....




Arizona Automobile Theft Authority launches new statewide tailgate theft prevention campaign

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Arizona Daily Sun


Arizona Automobile Theft Authority launches new statewide tailgate theft prevention campaign

PHOENIX — This month, the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) launches a new tailgate theft prevention campaign, “Watch Your Tail” in response to increasing tailgate thefts across the state. Arizona currently ranks fourth (4th) in the U.S. for tailgate thefts behind Texas, California and Florida; Phoenix also ranks 4th for Top 10 Loss Cities for tailgate thefts and reported a 15% increase in thefts last year.




Operation Chain Link’ nets cash, vehicles

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Nogales International


Operation Chain Link’ nets cash, vehicles


A three-day multi-agency policing effort at the border in Nogales netted more than $20,000 in cash and recovered three stolen vehicles, authorities said.

On Dec. 1, the first day of “Operation Chain Link,” officers deployed at a Nogales port of entry selected a suspicious vehicle for a secondary inspection before the driver could cross into Mexico, the Department of Homeland Security said in a news release. After the officials found more than $10,000 in undeclared funds, they arrested the driver and seized the vehicle.


The following day, officers recovered one stolen vehicle and arrested the driver, DHS said. The driver and vehicle were then turned over to the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force.




Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force Locates Vehicles Stolen from Car Dealership, State detectives arrest prime suspect

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Arizona Department of Public Safety -NEWS RELEASE

Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force Locates Vehicles Stolen from Car Dealership

State detectives arrest prime suspect

Tucson, Arizona — On December 6, 2016, the Tucson Police Department requested the assistance of the Tucson Vehicle Theft Task Force (VTTF) which is administered by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The case involved a local car dealership that had been burglarized in which three vehicles and 30 sets of keys were stolen from the business.

For the rest of the release please click on the link below. 



Free VIN etching Dec. 9 to deter car thefts -2016

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While shoppers scurry in search of that special gift, so too are thieves who are looking to put the grinch on your holidays.


Annually, holiday shoppers can provide prime targets for would-be car thieves who can access your locked vehicle and be down the road in a matter of seconds.


With that in mind, the Arizona Auto Theft Authority & Auto Theft Task Force are teaming up with a myriad of agencies to include Benson Police Dept., Arizona Department of Public Safety and the National Insurance Crime Bureau on Friday, Dec. 9, in the Walmart parking lot from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at 201 S. Prickly Pear.





Auto thefts in Arizona decline, but state still ranks No. 11 in U.S. for vehicle thefts

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Arizona was 11th in the country for vehicle thefts in 2014 and eighth for total stolen vehicles, according to the Arizona Auto Theft Association.

But the number of stolen vehicles in Arizona has decreased dramatically compared with 10 years ago, when Arizona vehicle thefts peaked.




Get you vehicle etched to prevent car theft - La Paz County

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The La Paz County Attorney’s Office is sponsoring a program where motor vehicle owners can get their Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) etched into their windshields for free. The goal of the program is to cut down an auto theft by making cars less attractive to thieves.


Vehicle owners can get their VINs etched from 8 a.m. to 12 noon Oct. 22 at the Quartzsite Community Center, 295 E. Chandler Street. The following weekend, etching will be done from 8 a.m. to 12 noon Oct. 29 at the CRIT Tribal Fairgrounds at Manataba Park, Mohave Road and Second Avenue.




Arizona is 8th in nation for auto theft with stolen vehicles

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Cronkite News Arizona PBS

Arizona ranks 8th in the nation for overall vehicle thefts, a crime that is fueling drug and human trafficking across the Mexican border as well as costing the state $86 million in economic losses, according to reports from the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority.... 



Prescott Valley Police to offer free VIN etching

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PRESCOTT VALLEY – On Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to Noon, the Prescott Valley Police Department will provide a free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etching opportunity at the Prescott Valley Event Center, 3201 N. Main Street, Prescott Valley. VIN etching is the process of permanently etching the vehicle’s digit VIN on each piece of window glass on the vehicle.